Underpinning SMSC with positive values - Article by the Human Values Foundation

Our values guide our thinking, how we feel and how we behave.

Explicit, systematic learning about values enables children and young people to develop a bedrock of well considered reference points on which they can draw as they face life’s challenges. The understanding acquired nurtures consistency and is especially reassuring when exploring many of the important and sensitive issues raised during instruction focussing on spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) growth.

SMSC development, underpinned with a good grasp of the significance of the values we choose to live by, individually and collectively, enriches the experiences of children and young people as they journey along their paths of personal discovery and development. Armed with uplifting attitudes, mindsets, skills and knowledge, the individuals are well equipped to make positive transitions into adulthood.

The Australian Department for Education, Employment and Workplace Relations provides a very comprehensive guide to developing a values-centred culture in a school. For details about the process, see  http://www.valuescentredschools.edu.au which offers practical information broken down into four phases: Envisage, Engage, Implement and Monitor.