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This time we're looking at SMSC occurring in the news, specifically major news stories that appeared in 2017 and where relevant, news that's happening right now! 


The news is filled with elements of SMSC from stories that allow us to recognise right from wrong, to empathise with human feelings and emotions, to help us develop personal views and values and strive to protect ourselves from the shadier aspects of growing up in modern Britain.

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The two major news stories that come to mind under this heading for me are the Manchester Arena attack in May and the Grenfell Tower disaster in June of last year.  The public response to both of these tragedies was phenomenal.  


Grenfell Tower

As well as the overwhelming amount of donations of food and clothing, the emotional and mental trauma caused by this tragedy is something no-one can measure.  This was also dealt with at the beginning by volunteers from the church and the Red Cross.




One year ago, Sky News launched a war on plastic.  A Cuviers beaked whale was found stranded in Bergen, Norway with 30 big pieces of plastic in it's stomach that it had mistaken for food.  This news story has gathered momentum over the last twelve months prompting beach clean-ups and manufacturers pledging changes. 


Whale of a Tail

In June last year this whale made of the same amount of plastic that enters the oceans each second, went on a tour of the UK.


One Year On .....

As updates on news stories go, this is quite a comprehensive list of the good, the bad and unfortunately, the 'really don't care'.


Keep it Simple with iAbacus


Every so often, someone comes along with great advice, a way to move through the pile of paperwork and red tape that comes with self-evaluation and improvement.  This article has all the great advice.

iAbacus has the criteria and Ofsted guidance at your fingertips. It's a simple four step process that includes improvement planning and collaboration, allowing leaders and middle leaders to share their thoughts and together create a 'clear and succinct' self evaluation and improvement plan for your school.  Take a look - take iAbacus on a 30 day free trial




The World-Wide refugee crisis keeps hitting the headlines. Calais is still ‘home’ to around 6,000 refugees. More recently, the Rhohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar have been brought to our attention.


Calais Crisis is not New!

This article is two years old, however, it explains very well why Calais is so popular with refugees.


Somewhere to Go.

This in-depth article explains the plight of the Rhohingya.




What used to be tabloid gossip is now Fake News, a phrase made popular by the current American President, however, fake news is a reality, affects us and is becoming part of our everyday lives.


Fake News Fallout.


A BBC roundup of Fake News in 2017 is quite shocking and covers some serious real news.


Keeping it Real!

Nowadays it's so easy to plant fake news on social media - this article by a trustworthy source has some really good tips for keeping the news you read real.


Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

Whilst writing this newsletter, I came across a classic example of Fake News happening to Nicola Sturgeon - follow the thread - it's amazing that even the Prime Ministers advisors didn't fact check before wading in.  Scary stuff!


and finally .........

After a newsletter full of events that hit the headlines in 2017, here's an old video clip from 'It'll be Alright on the Night' (actually my favourite of all time) to make you smile. Colin Baker, Thames News, who was obviously having a bad day.  Talk about understanding human feelings and emotions!  ​


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