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Welcome.  This month we're looking at SMSC in PE so let's get on the starting block.

Finding SMSC in Physical Education can be challenging, I used to teach keep fit (back in the day) and became a qualified instructor, however, I never had to think about SMSC, British Values and PSHE.  This month’s subject looks at the origins of sports, activities taught in school and I've put together a selection of games and sports for all ages.  Ready, Steady, GO!

Most of the team sports played in schools today originated or were invented in the United Kingdom which means that although these team games are part of our culture, they are in fact part of our heritage:


The earliest reference found for this popular game was 1744 and originally called Base Ball.  First nationally formalised rules were drawn up in 1844 in Ireland.  (Here’s the shortened version) 



First mentioned in the history books as a children's game played in 1597 in Guildford, Surrey and was called creckett.  It must have gained in popularity and passed onto the adults as in 1611 two men in Sussex were prosecuted for playing cricket on Sunday instead of going to church.


Although there is earlier evidence of the game from around the World, Football became a game of two halves in England in the mid 19th century and called Football because the game is played on foot rather on horseback.


Other sports rooted in the United Kingdom include Rugby, Badminton and Tennis with only Basketball/Netball originating in the USA and Gymnastics in ancient Greece and formalised in Germany.


Participating, cooperating and resolving conflicts

Whilst compiling the Newsletter, I took a look at the Grid to see how it was filling up and noticed that this one element was completely blank - of course team sports such as football, netball and rugby are great examples of how this element is filled. It isn’t the only one that can be applied to Physical Education though:

Participating and responding to cultural activities

Understanding and appreciating personal influences

Investigating moral values and ethical issues

Recognising right and wrong and applying it

Understanding the consequences of actions

Developing personal qualities and using social skills

Understanding human feelings and emotions

Using imagination and creativity in learning

Physical Education also covers just under a third of PSHE which can also be monitored on the Grid and don't forget British Values; Mutual respect and tolerance.

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Here are a few traditional outdoor games and sports played in other countries around the World that could be safely played in school


Games played in China

How about traditional Chinese games like Catch the Dragon’s Tail or Moon Cake



This game is probably where our game of ‘Tag’ came from.  It is popular all over Asia and originated in ancient India - there is actually a governing body for Kabaddi - Hereare the rules.



Dance is a great form of exercise and whilst it might have it’s own slot in some schools curriculums, there is nothing like a bit of boogie to get those hearts pumping and fulfilling the ‘Participating and responding to cultural activities’ and ‘Using imagination and creativity in learning’ elements of SMSC


Here are some great links to dance activities:

Dance like the Romans did:

Easy dance moves to music they will love:

Lets go Global - here are some traditional dances from around the World:


Did you know .......

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Here are some more links that may be of interest


Here are some more links that may be of interest

Toddler Triathlon - The ultimate sporting challenge!

Here's a great find for Nursery and Pre-School - not so much exercise but great for motor skills:



Coincidentally it seems that May is a month of a few Health and Well Being Events 

May is National Walking Month

7th May - Red Cross Week

8th May - Mental Health Awareness Week

10th May - Walk and Bike to School Day

15th May - Walk to School Week

26th May - 30th June - Ramadan

28th May 2017 - World Hunger Day

June is LGBT Month

11th June - Trooping the Colour

In the News


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We have our share of strange sports in this Country such as Cheese Rolling in Gloucester or the Cotswold Olimpicks where the shin kicking event is the most popular but for those of you with wild and wacky imaginations, I also came across Sheep Counting in Australia, Wife Carrying competitions in Finland and Underwater Ice Hockey which originated in Austria.  Give me a good old fashioned game of rounders - please!


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