SMSC Newsletter - Focus on British Values

This month we’re taking a break from subjects to look at British Values.

As part of SMSC, British Values are entwined across the curriculum and in the ethos of the school, however, I hope that this look at the origins and examples of British Values in the newsletter are useful.

As usual, these can be found on our Newsletter Grid and for this month only, the British Values Grid will be the lead Grid instead of SMSC. Click on Save to PDF for a full report of all activities for British Values.  



Getting Involved

We’ve seen plenty of examples of democracy in the past two years - two general elections and a referendum as well as the Presidential elections in America, however, the only election I really loved is the one held at New Mills Primary School in High Peak, Derbyshire on the day of the General Election.  

The children were voting for a Head and Deputy Head for the day. Twelve candidates stood for the position of Head for the day and nine for Deputy Head.  The successful candidates deemed the following day (Friday) ‘Wear what you want to’ day and sent a text to parents informing them.  


Other duties included writing a section for the school newsletter, presenting ‘Star of the Week’ certificates and class awards and organising a film and popcorn for each class.  I should imagine they were popular winners!


Who Rules the World?


To appreciate our democratic society, one only needs to look at this article which has a great map of the World indicating which countries are free and which are not. In fact the whole website is full of interesting information about Governments and leadership around the World.


We decided, but .......

Brexit has left many of us with unanswered questions - the good old BBC have compiled an ‘All you need to know’ guide to Britain leaving the EU


Individual Liberty


What we believe in forms a big part of individual liberty.  Our right to choose took centuries to achieve and the beginning of the end was with Henry VIII - wanting a divorce!



A Woman's Place

Before 1939, women’s roles were clearly defined and individual liberty for a woman was taken at peril of her reputation or defined by her father or husband - and then World War II started ……


No word for Liberty


Here’s an interesting article about the different view of liberty held in China


Freedom from paperwork, in one minute!

When gathering evidence for SMSC and British Values, more often than not both can be found in one activity and here lies another strength of Gridmaker.  It’s so quick and easy to record strands of SMSC and British Values at the same time. Once the activity is added and the SMSC has been recorded, a drop down menu with a list of Grids on the system can be utilised to change the criteria from SMSC to British Values. Once recorded and saved, the activity appears on the Grid under the chosen criteria in both SMSC and British Values.


A FREE trial of the SMSC Grid is available and if you buy it now, you can use it now and the official start date and payment will be deferred to 1st September 2017.


Mutual Respect and Tolerance


In our society, this should be a no brainer however, day after day, we see examples of racism, disrespect for the beliefs of others and worst of all, terrorist atrocities which, in the last month have killed and maimed innocent victims.  

Yet, in the aftermath of the two terrorist attacks and the devastating fire in the Grenfell Tower block in London we have witnessed the very best in our society.  

The mutual respect borne of helping and supporting those in need, whatever their religion or walk of life without a thought for themselves.

People have opened their houses and their hearts to give whatever they can.

The whole Country has mourned and donated and the World has seen the very best of our multicultural society working together as one.

It shouldn’t take devastation to bring people together and we can only hope that in the months and years to come, the mutual respect shown for the welfare of others and the acceptance of their beliefs are the memories that stand out and they are used as an example to live by.


The Rule of Law


Very few people like all the rules they are given.  Our laws date back to before the 12th Century and after reading this, maybe our laws today aren't so bad after all.

iAbacus for SMSC

Here’s an interesting essay which highlights the pitfalls of human rights laws and how the law is applied in general.


And finally in this section here are 21 laws that still exist in this Country - whether they should or not is another matter.


Evaluate your SMSC Provision

It’s so important to gather evidence of SMSC and British Values.  It’s equally important to evaluate the effectiveness of SMSC provision, measure its impact and of course, plan strategies to strengthen provision in the future. 


So, to help you do this we've launched iAbacus® for SMSC.  The simplest, most effective way to self-evaluate and improve SMSC provision.  

It's a visual, interactive process - based on a literal abacus with sliding beads. (Hence the name iAbacus®) 

You won't fully grasp how unique this approach is until you see it for yourself. 

Try it now for FREE (you'll get immediate access).  


These really great ideas come from Steve and Christine Doubtfire a couple in Mansfield, Nottingham who run two nurseries and both have Early Years Professional Status.


Let's read ......


An Oldie but a Goodie

Although this looks like it’s a popular play for schools, I’ve included it for two reasons.  The first is that it was my favourite story as a child and of course the second is that it is a story of fighting evil with mutual respect and tolerance of comrades in arms



Amnesty International UK have some great educational resources for all phases


Places to Visit



We’ve featured this one before, the Houses of Parliament have free resources and can organise visits to your school or for a trip to this historic building.

Counting sheep

Individual Liberty

Where better to look at how our individual liberty was protected during World War II


Mutual Respect and Tolerance

There are loads of sessions to choose from here - some are free.


The Rule of Law

The National Justice Museum in Nottingham is an amazing look back at our justice system in days gone by.


and finally ..................


......... the darker and lighter side of British Values - both giving food for thought.


Bye for now

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