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SMSC Resources and Websites to support Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural Values

These links may help you deliver your school's SMSC provision (especially in regard to global dimensions). - Teaching resources, professional development, events, local support, speakers services, teaching ideas, curriculum information, resource recommendations. - Department for International Development website, publications, country profiles, news, case studies. - Development Education Association , publications, links, projects. - One World Linking Association. - Link Community Development. - twinning, links, resources, news. - A site to promote understanding of development issues, primary / secondary. - global citizenship, resources, links, news, activities, resources primary/secondary. - linking. - About the Commission for Africa, information about other countries. - links, activities, resources primary/secondary. - Information about Africa and linked sites and activities. - Twinning via the internet with other schools in Europe. - DFID Global Schools Partnerships, information, advice, case studies, funding, reciprocal visits. - British Council European link projects / study visits funding. - worldwide information, news, case studies, links to news sources. - online support for ethnic minority attainment. - news, campaigns, organisations, human rights, global issues. - GLOBE Global Learning and Observations to benefit the environment world-wide, priamry/secondary education, science programme, international links. - Guidance on international linking projects using the internet. - Citized—useful site for teachers primary/secondary. - Britkid—site about race, racism and life, quizzes, activities.—thinking through the news, current affairs resource, topical news stories (£30 subscription), links to news sources. - multifaith, multi-cultural and citizenship materials— online.—global learning communities, 24/7 news, linking. - multi-faith assembly and lesson materials. - Global Gang—site for teachers and pupils with lesson activities, games, information and links, case studies. - site devoted to citizenship guidance, publications and case studies schemes of work links. - education and the world summit on sustainable development, information, resources, initiatives and events. - Supporting learning for sustainability, news, information, resources, activities, weblinks. - Association for Citizenship Teaching, news, information, resources and links. - Eco-schools, programme which encourages you to take responsibility for the future of their own environment. - Learning through landscapes—national school grounds charity. - National Centre for Citizenship and the Law. - Global Footprints—understanding the links between our lives and those of other people around the world.

If you have any other links - or suggestions which may help schools deliver SMSC across the curriculum (including global dimensions) - please send them to