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Events which help deliver SMSC

We've designed a new website for SMSC which includes a wealth of information about SMSC.

If you're from a primary or secondary school - and your interested in SMSC and British values - please check out the new website.

These events can be used as inspiration when delivering SMSC in your school. Don't forget - whatever SMSC you do - record it in your Grid.


If you're looking for events in January which help deliver SMSC - these may help...

1st – Gantan-sai (Shinto), Independence Day (Haiti)
5th – 12th Night, Guru Gobind Singh born (Sikh)
6th – Epiphany (Christian)
10th – Eid-ul-Adha (Muslim) (to 13)
13th – One World Week (to 21)
14th – Pongol (India), Makar Sankranti (Hindu)
15th – Seijin no hi (Shinto)
16th – Martin Luther King Jr Day (US)
17th – 1706: Birth of Benjamin Franklin
22nd – 1901: Queen Victoria dies
23rd – Big Schools Garden Birdwatch (to Feb 3)
24th – Cancertalk Week, The Big Hush (23 –27)
25th – Robert Burn’s Night (Scotland)
26th – Holocaust Memorial Day, Republic Day (India)
28th – Big Garden Birdwatch (to 29), National Story Telling Week (from 28 to Feb 4)
29th – Yuan Tan: Chinese New Year
30th – Greek Education Day
31st – Bug Busting Day, Al Hijra (Muslim)


When you get to February and you need a few interesting events to assist with SMSC across the curriculum - these might be what you are looking for...

1st – Kitchen God Celebration (China)
2nd – Candlemas (Christian), Vasanta Panchami (Hindu) (to 3)
3rd – UNICEF Day for Change
4th – National Day (Sri Lanka)
5th – Eating Disorders Awareness Week (to 11)
7th – Bramley Apple Week (to 14)
8th – Carnival Parade (Brazil)
12th – Teng Chieh (Chinese Lantern Festival)
13th – Magha Puja (Buddhist)
14th – Valentine’s Day, National Nest Box Week (to 21)
15th – International Childhood Cancer Day
16th – Independence Day (Lithuania)
20th – Student Volunteering Week (to 26)
21st – International Mother Tongue Language Day
22nd – World Thinking Day
24th – Independence Day (Estonia), Lantern Festival (Taiwan, China)
25th – National Day (Kuwait) Jewish Book Week (to March 5)
26th – Mahashivratri (Hindu) (to 27)
28th – Shrove Tuesday (Christian)


There are some great events in the month of March to help you focus on SMSC across the school...

1st – Lent (to April 16), St David’s Day (Christian, Wales), Martenitza (Bulgaria)
2nd – World Book Day
6th – Independence Day (Ghana), Fairtrade Fortnight (to 19)
8th – No Smoking Day, International Women’s Day
10th – Deadline for Diana Anti-bullying awards, National Science Week (to 19)
12th – Obesity Awareness Week (to 18)
13th – Commonwealth Day, Brain Awareness Week (to 19)
14th – Purim (Jewish), Holi (Hindu)
15th – Holy Mahalla (Sikh)
17th – St Patrick’s Day (Christian, Ireland)
18th – Cystic Fibrosis Week (to 26)
19th – Trees Love Care (to September)
20th – International Earth Day
21st – International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, World Story Telling Day, World Poetry Day
22nd –World Day for Water, Emancipation Day (Puerto Rico)
24th – World TB Day
25th – Evangelismou (Greece)
26th – Independence Day (Bangladesh), Mother’s Day


April can be a busy month when it comes to SMSC activities across the school. Take a look at these events....

2nd – International Children’s Book Day
5th – Ch’ing Ming Festival (Taiwan, China)
6th – Chakri Day (Thailand)
7th – World Health Day / HUG Day
8th – Roma Day
9th – Palm Sunday (Christian), 1806: IK Brunel born
11th – 570 CE: Prophet Muhammed born (Muslim)
12th – 1606: First Union Jack Displayed
13th – Passover (Jewish) (to 20), Maundy Thursday (Christian)
14th – Good Friday (Christian), Vaisakhi (Sikh)
15th – Adam Peak’s Pilgrimage (Sri Lanka)
16th – Easter Day (Christian), Mental Health Action Week (to 23)
18th – Independence Day (Zimbabwe)
19th – Discovery Day (Puerto Rico)
21st – Queen’s 80th birthday, Ridvan (Baha’i) (to May 2)
23rd – St George’s Day, London Flora Marathon
24th – RSPCA Week (to 30), Global Action Week (to 30), Bike to School Week (to 30), International TV Turn-off Week (to 30), Maryrs Day (Armenia)
25th – Independence Day (Portugal)
29th – National Pet Week (to May 7)


If you need some inspiration in the month of May - then these SMSC related events may be just what you are looking for. You can't get better than the 21st - "Cultural Diversity Day"...

1st – International Labour Day, Matsu Festival (Taiwan, China), Deaf Awareness Week (to
7), National Share-a-story Month (to 31), Museums and Galleries Month (to 31)
2nd – World Asthma Day
3rd – World Press Freedom Day
4th – Walk in the Woods Festival
5th – Yom Ha-Shoah (Jewish Holocaust Day),
7th – Dawn Chorus Day
8th – World Red Cross Day, Red Crescent Day, ME Awareness Week (to 14)
12th – Vesakha Puja / Wesak (Buddhist)
13th – World Fairtrade Day, Our Lady of Fatima (Portugal)
14th – Christian Aid Week (to 20), Smile Week (to 20)
15th – Allergy Week (to 19), International Day of Families
17th – Be Nice to Nettles Week (to 26), World Telecommunications Day
19th – Friendship Friday
20th – Adult Learners’ Week (to 26)
21st – Cultural Diversity Day
22nd – Special Needs North (Bolton) (to 23), Summer Walk to School Week (to 26), Noise Action Week (to 26), International Day for Biological Diversity
26th – Fruity Friday
27th – Low-tide Day, National Wildlife Week (to June 18)
31st – World No-Tobacco Day


June is probably the busiest month when it comes to opportunities to emphasis SMSC values through specific events - just look at what you have to choose from...

1st – Volunteers Week (to 7), National Sure Start Month (to 30)
2nd – Shavuot (Jewish) (to 3)
3rd – Heart Week (to 11)
4th – Pentecost (Christian), International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
5th – Downs Syndrome Awareness Week (to 11), Tampon Alert Week (to 10), World Environment Day
8th – World Ocean’s Day
9th – Togs for Dogs Day
10th – Dia de Portugal (Portugal)
11th – Diabetes Week (to 17), Dragon Boat Festival (China)
12th – National School Grounds Week (to 16), National Food Safety Week (to 18)
14th – Record-Breaking Walking Bus Day
16th – Architecture Week (to 25)
17th – BT Giant Sleepover, Badger Day, World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
18th – Father’s Day
19th – Insect Week (to 25), Bring Your Bear Week (to 23), Child Safety Week (to 25)
20th – World Refugee Day, Midsummer’s Eve Festival (Northern Europe)
21st – Summer Solstice: Longest Day
23rd – Wrong Trouser’s Day, Public Service Day
24th – Dia de San Juan (Puerto Rico)
25th – Deafblind Awareness Week (to July 1)
26th – Design Technology Week (to 30), Kid’s Club Week (to July 1), International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
28th – Stonewell Rebellion Day (Gay and Lesbian)
30th – Shades Day


If you have any links to Puerto Rico - then this could be a good month for SMSC...

1st – National Reading Challenge (July and August), National Mammal Week (to 9),
SAR Establishment Day (Hong Kong)
2nd – London Mardi Gras (UK), International Day of Cooperatives
3rd – G-Week (to 10)
4th – Independence Day (US)
10th – National Festival of Music for Youth (to 15)
11th – World Population Day
12th – Battle of Boyne Day (N. Ireland)
14th – Bastille Day (France)
15th – Sports Relief (to 16)
17th – Munoz-Rivera Day (Puerto Rico)
21st – National Park Week (to 28)
23rd – Haile Selassie’s Birthday (Rastafarian), Save Our Butterflies Week (to 30)
25th – Constitution Day (Puerto Rico)
28th – 1866: Beatrix Potter born, Independence Day (Peru)


When you need SMSC events in August - these may help....

1st – 1856: Mary Seacole returns to London, Ilinden (Macedonia)
5th – Marine Week (to 20)
8th – 1588: British Naxy Engages Armarda
9th – Raksha Bandhan (Hindu), National Day (Singapore), International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
12th – Christian International Youth Day
13th – International Left-handers Day
14th – Independence Day (Pakistan)
15th – Independence Day (India, Congo)
19th – Chung Yuan Festival (Taiwan, China)
22nd – 1642: English Civil War began
23rd – International Day for Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
24th – Independence Day (Ukraine)
27th – Notting Hill Carnival (to 28)
31st – Solidarity Day (Poland)


September has a good range of inspirational events to use for SMSC, maybe there's something here to suit your school.

3rd – Braemer Highland Gathering (Scotland), 1658: Death of Oliver Cromwell
4th – Sign Up Now Week (to 9)
6th – Defense Day (Pakistan)
7th – Independence Day (Brazil), Heritage Open Days (to 10)
8th – International Literacy Day
9th – 2001: Terrorist Attacks on US
11th – Jinnah’s Death Anniversary (Pakistan)
16th – National eczema Week (to 23), International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
18th – Starts National Deaf Awareness Week, Harvest Moon Festival (China, Hong
Kong, Taiwan), Independence Day (Chile and Malta)
21st – Autumn equinox, International Day of Peace, Seed Gathering Season (to Oct
21), Independence Day (Armenia), International Day of Peace
23rd – National Moth Night, Ramadan (to Oct 22) (Muslim), Unification Day (Saudi Arabia)
26th – European Day of Languages
29th – Early Years / Primary Show (London) (to Oct 1)
30th – Red Squirrel Week (to Oct 8)


October is another busy month for SMSC related events. World Food Day has to be a winner - just think of the SMSC activities you could deliver across the whole school curriculum.

1st – Black History Month, The Big Draw, National Day (China), International Day for the Elderly
2nd – Yom Kippur (Jewish), Learn to Sign Week (to 7), Children’s Book Week (to 9), Walk to School Week (to 6)
5th – World Teacher’s Day, Poetry Day, Independence Day (Bulgaria)
6th – Jeans for Genes Day, National Book Start Day
7th – Sukkot (Jewish) (to 13), Family Learning Week (to 15), World Habitat Day
8th – Leif Erikson Day (US)
9th – World Post Day, International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
10th – Confucius ‘B’ Day (China, Taiwan), National Day (Taiwan), World Mental Health Day
11th – National Coming Out Day (Gay and Lesbians)
12th – Chung Yeung Festival (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong), Nossa Senhora de Aparecida (Brazil)
14th – Battle of Hastings (1066)
16th – World Food Day
17th – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
20th – Anniversary of the birth of the Bab (Baha’i)
21st – Divali (Hindu, Sikh, Jain), Arts and Kids Week (to 29)
22nd – One World Week (to 29), Week of Prayer for World Peace (to 29)
23rd – International School Libraries Day
24th – Eid-ul-Fitr (Muslim), United Nations Day, World Development for Information Day
28th – Make a Difference Day, National Day ‘Ochi’ (Greece)
31st – Bug Busting Day, Hallowe’en


There's more to November than Guy Fawkes Day - have a look at all these wonderful opportunities to deliver great SMSC...

1st – All Saints Day (Christian)
2nd – Dia de Finades (Portugal), Haile Selassie 1 crowned (Rastafarian)
5th – Guy Fawkes Day (UK), Guru Nanak’s Birthday (Sikh)
6th – International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in Armed Conflict, National Road Safety Week (to 12), Dyslexia Awareness Week (to 12)
11th – Remembrance Day (UK)
12th – Remembrance Sunday
13th – World Kindness Day, School Proms (to 15)
14th – National day (Palestine)
15th – Republic Day (Brazil)
16th – International Day of Tolerance
18th – International Day (Latvia)
20th – Universal Children’s Day
21st – World Television Day
22nd – National Tree Week (to Dec 3)
23rd – Thanksgiving (US)
25th – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Buy Nothing Day
29th – International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People
30th – St Andrew’s Day (Scotland)


Wrap the year up with a final focus on SMSC - these may help.

1st – National Day (Romania), World AIDS Day
2nd – International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
3rd – International Day for Disabled Persons
5th – International Volunteer Day for Economic ad Social Development
6th – Feast of St Nicholas
10th – International Human Rights Day
16th – Hanukkah (Jewish) (to 23)
18th – International Migrants Day
19th – Feast of St Nicholas (Julian Calendar)
21st – Shortest Day
24th – Christmas Eve (Christian)
25th – Jinnah’s Birthday (Pakistan), Christmas Day (Christian)
26th – Wren Day (Ireland), Boxing Day
31st –Hogmanay (Scotland), New Year’s Eve

If you know of any other events, days, themed weeks - or celebrations which help schools deliver SMSC - please email