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SMSC Newsletter - Focus on Weather & Climate Change


The weather is very relevant in some subjects, for instance Science and Geography. So this month we're discovering SMSC in topics we discuss like weather and climate change and I even found hidden treasure that can be used in some History lessons.


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How many times have you seen a cloud shaped like an animal or a face?  There's something very ethereal about clouds, even before a downpour. I took this photo in December 2014.


Head in the clouds

Here's a lovely article outlining the spiritual meaning of clouds and how they mirror our thoughts and feelings.


What do they really mean?

I've learned such a lot from this article which explains just what cloud formations mean to our weather. ​


People see what they want to see and looking at the clouds can be an experience of fascination, awe and wonder.  'A clouded mind' and 'cloud with a silver lining' are metaphors we use to describe human feelings and emotions.



Last week it was announced that the ozone layer has started to close and in some reports, it could have disappeared by 2050.  This is due in the main to getting rid of aerosols.  


Climate affects weather


There is always such a lot written about climate change and global warming - here's a simple explanation.


Amazon to Savannah

Deforestation has played a big part in changing the climate and the weather in the Amazon rainforest.


Looking at some parts of the Earth and seeing the devastation caused by human intervention, typically the Rainforest, it's easy to recognise right from wrong and we are only now understanding the consequences of our actions.


Self-Evaluation Innovation


SMSC is everywhere and forms a large part of self-evaluation and action planning in schools.  With a template that caters for the Self-evaluation of SMSC provision, iAbacus makes the whole process simple and insightful. It’s also possible to create a custom Abacus to evaluate other areas in school. Take iAbacus on a 30 day free trial.



As well as talking about the weather - a lot, extreme weather affects our communities, granted not as much as some parts of America where tornado's blast through anything that stands in their way but in recent years heavy rain has caused flooding which devastated Cumbria, Carlisle and parts of Scotland. 


Hotting Up


There are so many different opinions regarding climate change affecting our weather, however, after this year's global weather phenomenon, it seems undeniable.


Snow Joke

Just in case you didn't realise just how extreme our weather can be - here's a Top Ten of extreme English weather (and yes, Michael fish is in there)!


When extreme weather causes devastation, communities pull together and help each other. 



Discussing the weather is part of British Culture - we have so much of it in all its forms and yet we are fortunate to live in a country without extremes of weather (most of the time).


Why do we do it?


This interesting article delves in to the many reasons we Brits love discussing the weather and why it's a huge part of small talk.


Going Up!

This is quite an idea.  Already happening in Milan, this architect definitely has a vision for the future.  

https://www.stefanoboeriarchitetti .net/en/project/vertical-forest


There is no doubt that talking about the weather is a cultural activity all over the World.


Historical Weather

I came across this gem whilst researching for the Newsletter. A host of historical articles and weather reports including days that battles were fought in WWI and WWII.


and finally .......


You really have to feel sorry for those intrepid reporters that go out in all weathers to let us know just how bad the weather is - especially this one.


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