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Themed Learning


There are so many days in the year dedicated to raising awareness, so many themed months to bring something to our attention.  For example, 14th June is National Cupcake day - Yum! It might sound flighty and pointless, however, this particular day, as well as highlighting the need for research into Alzheimer's and Dementia, raised over £1,000,000 in 2017. 


Of course, from our point of view, SMSC is in abundance whether it’s a themed week of cross curricular activity or raising money for a good cause so let’s take a look. 

Cross-curricular projects are easy to add to the SMSC Grid.  Once the first activity is added, click on the coloured block that represents it and 'Copy' - edit the Subject, Group and SMSC themes represented, add a new date and your done!

I've added this months contributions to our Newsletter Grid - to take a look click 'Save to PDF' for a report.


When and What?

To begin, it makes sense to know what is happening so that you can make use of it - I found these three great awareness calendars: - free download - with links to websites and in some cases free resources.​ - Truly international.

Whether these dates are used as themes or just as a point of discussion, SMSC, British Values and PSHE are ever present (even in the more obscure sounding ones like International Sunglasses Day on 27th June). Understanding the consequences of actions,  PSHE 1.1, 1.3, 1.6.



This is a great blog on how to organise a STEM week.  It's got loads of ideas for all ages and STEM has all the elements of SMSC - Using imagination and creativity in learning, Investigating moral values and ethical issues, Understanding how communities and societies function (and contemplating their own contribution) and Preparing for life in modern Britain.


British Science Week


Although British Science week was in March, this might be useful to pocket until next year.  The science activity packs are still available for 2017 and 2018.  Science is full of Fascination, awe and wonder and the Understanding of consequences and actions. 


Black History Month

Here's one we haven't missed and with the Windrush scandal still dominating the news there's sure to be plenty to discuss - Exploring understanding and respecting diversity, developing and expressing personal views and values, understanding how communities and societies function and of course, Understanding human feelings and emotions as well as Mutual respect and tolerance


Self-Evaluation Innovation


Take iAbacus on a 30 day free trial


SMSC is everywhere and forms a large part of self-evaluation and action planning in schools.  With a template that caters for the Self-evaluation of SMSC provision, iAbacus makes the whole process  simple and insightful.


Now Here's a Challenge!

Plastic Free July - could you do it?

Here's a chance to try and this site has a section dedicated to schools participation.  This is definately a case of Recognising right and wrong and applying it and Understanding the consequences of actions. Good Luck if you're having a go.


Biology Bonanza


No-one wants to think about the Autumn term with Summer looming, however, this might be worth taking a look at for October - Biology Week!

Exploring, understanding and respecting diversity, Investigating moral values and ethical issues and experiencing fascination awe and wonder are all present in this subject and the site has loads of information and resources.


Let's Read!

The theme for this year's Summer Reading Challange is Mischief Makers and the challenge for 4 - 11 year olds is to read six library books over the Summer Holidays starting 14th July in local libraries.  The SMSC potential for this challenge is across the board.


Learning Outdoors


I'm sure this is a theme that all the children love to get involved with, definately Experiencing fascination, awe and wonder, Understanding the consequences of actions and Developing personal qualities and sing social skills. groups


and finally .........


This has got to be the best idea for a theme!  Covering Drama, English, Art and Design and PSHE, the people behind Wicked, The Musical have catered for all Key Stages and the website is full of resources to make a school version of this popular show a resounding success covering most aspects of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural provision along the way.


Bye for now

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