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SMSC Newsletter - Focus on SMSC in PSHE


Happy New Year! Let's start the year with a twist by looking at SMSC in PSHE taking the core themes from the PSHE association.


I’ve picked a few ideas from each core theme and tried to cover all age groups. Fear not, SMSC will be highlighted along the way and some have been added to the Newsletter Grid.

Just click on PSHE in the list across the top of the Grid and then 'Save to PDF' to view the report.


Health and Wellbeing


The importance of mental health is high on many agenda’s. As well as eating healthily, exercising and avoiding risks to their health students will learn to:​

  • develop and express personal views and values,
  • understand the consequences of actions 
  • understand human feelings and emotions.

Inside Out

This blog from 2015 explains how we can teach emotional intelligence using the visual images from the Disney Pixar film Inside Out and the ‘Ruler’ method developed at Yale University.


It's an App

I love this app developed by the Sesame Street Gang to help children understand  emotions.


Healthy Fun


This is probably something you’ve all seen before, however, the website has some great recipes, games and advice. beta/cards#ivsZ5d4AmyYcexDU.97


First Aid




As adults we know that relationships are hard.  Small children don’t seem to have any problem in getting along, however, as they grow and their emotional and rational side starts to develop, they will learn to:

  • investigate moral values and ethical issues,
  • recognise right and wrong and apply it,
  • develop personal qualities and social skills 
  • participate, cooperate and resolve conflicts

Sort it Out!

This site is full of great information and games.  I’ve chosen this section which is all about conflict resolution.


Ban the Bully!

I first saw a written account of this on social media and it struck a chord.  The simplicity of the delivery and the impact of the message make it hard to forget.


New Year, New Way to get the Job Done!


Are you attending the Bett Show?  Come to Stand B65 and let us show you what iAbacus is all about.  Dan O'Brien and John Pearce will be there for the duration, Diane and I will be there on Thursday 25th.  If you're not going to be there, click on the link and request a free trial with no obligation.


Come and see iAbacus on Stand B65


Living in a Wider World


Things have changed so much in the past 30 odd years and this generation of children are growing up in a truly global community which helps to:

  • prepare for life in modern Britain,
  • explore understand and respect diversity
  • participate and respond to cultural activities
  • understand how communities and societies function
  • explore the values and beliefs of others

Everyone is Beautiful

Outside influences can make it hard to be happy with who we are so it’s nice to see Dove have a ‘self esteem’ project highlighted on their website.


Don't Know, Don't Care!

It’s so important to have empathy - this interesting two part article looks at the lack of empathy in teenagers.


Major Issues.

Here are some fantastic videos made in collaboration with young people from Islington Community Theatre covering gender discrimination, racism and equality


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