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October already and I’m sure you're all back in full swing.

SMSC weaves its way through Art covering some of the less frequently tackled areas, although maybe ‘Recognising right and wrong and applying it’ might be relevant to some artwork! (SMSC joke).  As always, I’ve updated the Newsletter Grid and you can look at the report by choosing the Filter icon and then choosing Art and Design in the subject list, apply filter and then Save to PDF.

You will notice that the Grid is filling up and it's easy to see what's missing - I'm the only one adding things to it once a month - can you imagine what your school's SMSC provision would look like if all staff added one activity a month? Anyway, here we go …….


Art is subjective and so appreciating it and acknowledging the art of peers in a positive way leads to an understanding of art in whatever form and how it evokes feelings and emotions. Understanding what human emotions inspired the artist and what emotions the piece conveys.  Experiencing fascination, awe and wonder in great works of art and learning different techniques to allow the use of imagination and creativity.


Loads of Ideas ......

Mr P has oodles of imagination and creativity in learning which could inspire more ideas. There are 82 videos on YouTube for you to find inspiration.


How Many?!


I can’t quite believe this, 15, yes 15 homemade paint recipes - a few of these will warrant some fascination awe and wonder!



Art can convey moral issues, bringing a stark and more noticeable message than the written word. 


Who is he?


Banksy, the mysterious graffiti artist that roams the country leaving humorous, topical and poignant works of art in his wake.


This now famous sculpture has been in the news a lot over the past year. Born from the ‘Save a Life - Surrender your Knife’ campaign.


Sky News Ocean Rescue Campaign put its money where its mouth is in creating this life sized whale out of single use plastic to illustrate the point.


A teacher is an artist! Painting pictures in the imagination, sculpting minds and drawing out the very best in each student.

iAbacus has a new template, written in plain English to help formulate a growth plan specifically for teachers. It has links to DfE teachers Standards and Ofsted - you may not need them as it asks the questions that beg for an answer. 

Unencumbered by red tape and official standards, the answers can come from a genuine need to grow as an educator.


Paint your own Picture


iAbacus is intuitive, staff can use it straight away with very little training and iAbacus can be shared with line managers to promote successful review.

We were recently mentioned in an article about Teacher Development and Review in Headteacher Update - take a look and then request a FREE 30 day trial by visiting our website.

You don't have to be an art teacher to paint your own picture of review and development.




Through the ages paintings and sculptures have helped the understanding of how our ancestors lived and what the World was like as seen through the eyes of the artist.


Where are they Now?

Although some of the most famous works of art are spread around the globe and reflect what life was like before the camera was invented. Here's a 'Where are they Now' reference.



If ever there was a place for diversity, it's in the World of art.  Understanding and respecting great works, appreciating personal influences and looking at global culture through art.


It's made of Paper!


Origami, the art of Japanese paper folding.  This is a great site - (I used to be a blackbelt in Origami, but the club folded) (sorry)


Brush Strokes

Japanese culture features dragons - a lot!  One Stroke Dragon Painting is mesmerising to watch and this video shows how he loads the brushes - there are quite a few videos to choose from on the same page. 

iAbacus for SMSC

Places to Visit

You don’t have to take a trip to London to see fabulous works which inspire budding artists.


Of course, if London is where you want to go, here’s a list of it’s top 100 treasures


and finally ..................

Dance me to the End of Love Jack Vettriano


This is my favourite painting and I know that Mr Vettriano's career is not without controversy however his paintings seem to tell a story.


Bye for now

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