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SMSC Newsletter - Focus on SMSC in After School Clubs


Most of you (at one time or another) will probably have overseen an After School Club.


Staying after school for Football club, Spanish club or (the one I was in) Netball club puts the children in a more relaxed and fun environment helping to bring out the more Social side of SMSC. Most activities have some Moral and Spiritual aspects with maybe a dash of the Cultural - after school clubs make a very important contribution to a schools SMSC provision.

So here are a few after school clubs I found.  Some are run-of-the-mill, some are really different and all would contribute to SMSC development.

I’ve added these clubs and ideas to the Newsletter Grid and you can look at the report by choosing Save to PDF


Film Club


I love this idea (let’s face it, I love films!)  Culturally, film has been around for over 100 years, everyone’s tastes are different so ‘understanding and appreciating personal influences’ is definitely covered. It is also a great way to‘explore, understand and respect diversity’ and develop personal qualities and use social skills’.  Lastly, film is a great medium for helping to‘understand human feelings and emotions’ and of course, to 'create fascination, awe and wonder'


Gardening Club


I don't know if we are a nation of gardeners but it never hurts to 'participate in cultural activities'  and gardening goes some way to helping the 'understanding of how communities and societies function'  and of course 'using imagination and creativity in learning'


Origami Club

Apart from the Cultural aspects of Origami, this is a great club for 'developing personal qualities and using social skills' and 'using imagination and creativity in learning'


Let's Rock


With news of a Times Tables test coming in this Spring ahead of a nationwide rollout, this is a brilliant way to learn them in an after school club, however, after watching the video, it appears many schools will have heard of it. This activity helps to 'prepare for life in modern Britain' and builds on an 'understanding and appreciation of personal influences'.


Link it with iAbacus

How many sheets of paper does it take to produce a school self evaluation and improvement plan?  With iAbacus on board, the answer is none - until you need to print it.  All the evidence from other systems in school can be linked to iAbacus, all seperate documents and links can also be stored, bringing together a detailed self evaluation and improvement plan in one place.


Take a look - take iAbacus on a 30 day free trial


Calendar Club


Did you know that on 12th April it was 57 years since the first space flight? Well that's one of so many anniversaries on this calendar  complete with activities that would make a great after school club. Something different every week and so much SMSC!


Code Club - (The picture is coding for teachers!)  

Coding is something that has rumblings for the curriculum but would make an amazing after school club 'preparing for life in modern Britain' and 'using imagination and creativity in learning'.



This site is full of ideas that can be adapted for after school clubs with oodles of SMSC


Karate Club Success

Who doesn't love a success story and the after school Karate Club at this school in Great Yarmouth is definitely helping these children to'particpate and respond to cultural activities''develop personal qualities and use social skills' and 'explore, understand and learn to respect diversity'.


and finally .........

The war on plastic is hotting up and plastic water bottles are among the hardest to get rid of so how about a Construction Club using plastic bottles, covering all the Moral and most of the Spiritual aspects of SMSC - here are some really great ideas.


Bye for now

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