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SMSC Newsletter - Focus on News Headlines and Mental and Emotional Health


Welcome back, I hope your summer break was everything you wished for. For our first newsletter of the new school year, I thought I’d mix it up a bit, so we have events from the summer that hit the news headlines and I looked into SMSC in relation to mental and emotional health.


As it’s the beginning of a new school year and the start of a whole new selection of activities which include SMSC and British Values, Gridmaker also allows a fresh start with a blank Grid, hiding all of last years activities from view, but still accessible if needed. I've added this month's contributions to our Newsletter Grid​To take a look at a full report just click 'Save to PDF'.


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Leading up to the beginning of the summer break, the news headlines were quite eventful .......


Football’s (on its way) home

World Cup - although England did really well, we were knocked out in the semi finals.  The whole country was holding its breath as it’s been a long time since an England Team did so well.  However, the victory over Sweden was marred by senseless vandalism. Experiencing fascination, awe and wonder (didn’t we all)! Exploring, understanding and respecting diversity, and recognising right and wrong and applying it.


Cave Rescue

Thai Rescue - The boys stuck in a cave in Thailand facing a dangerous dive to escape.  Some of them couldn’t even swim and yet, they all survived thanks to their bravery and the bravery of the divers who took up the task of getting them out. Understanding the consequences of actions, understanding how communities and societies function and understanding human feelings and emotions.


It’s been a scorcher!


UK Weather - has been blazing hot since early May and continued through July into August. Lovely for us, not so lovely for the garden, the wildlife and the elderly and infirm who struggle with the heat. Participating and responding to cultural activities and developing personal qualities and using social skills.


Fake News - Again!


I know we’ve covered this before, however, it’s hit the headlines again motivated by the worry of it infiltrating our democracy.  This news item obviously has a strong moral thread running through it, however, it could also have consequences that go against our British Values of DemocracyIndividual Liberty and maybe, eventually The Rule of Law. Take a look at the story and the (Not so brief) history of Fake News.


Self-Evaluation Innovation

SMSC is everywhere and forms a large part of self-evaluation and action planning in schools.  With a template that caters for the Self-evaluation of SMSC provision, iAbacus makes the whole process simple and insightful. It’s also possible to create a custom Abacus to evaluate other areas in school. Take iAbacus on a 30 day free trial.


Training and CPD Conferences from September 2018


Most local authorities have courses running which include SMSC.  With the date for compulsory relationship and sex education being confirmed as September 2020, courses are already springing up to cover this topic and courses on implementing British Values in schools are also available. 


SMSC and Mental Health and Well-Being


In the last five years, the stigma of mental health issues has begun to lift as individuals and health organisations have encouraged open and frank discussions.

Pressure of work, bereavement, divorce, phobia - we all, as adults carry something that affects our mental health so how do we ensure that the young people in our care and our community, deal with these issues without the experience of age.


The values within spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision are pieces of a life jigsaw. Spirituality allows a person to look within to discover what they believe in and form their own set of values to live by as well as looking outward and respecting the values and beliefs of others. This makes me think of the saying ‘know your own mind’ and the article in the link explains that self knowledge is only the starting point to change.

Equally as important is the ability to develop an understanding of human feelings and emotions, Being able to empathise with their peers as well as looking at global communities caught up in disaster, war, famine or drought and take notice.  This interesting article explores empathy (and the lack of it) in teenagers.

Leading on from that this quote is very apt:

“You have to know that as long as you love who you are - your morals, your values, that type of stuff - you're OK” Nicki Minaj

Everyone has a moral code, a line that they won’t cross and won’t allow other to cross.  This is aided by the understanding (or experience) of the consequences of our actions, good or bad.  Learning how to resolve conflict and treasuring the relationships of friends may be difficult but it can help to provide stability within.

The strong bonds of friendships made at school and the knowledge that the adults in the school teach so much more than maths and english can last a lifetime.

Maximising the opportunities for self discovery and empathy through SMSC can only aid in maintaining mental and emotional health.


and finally .......


The summer holiday always seems to fly by and at the start of another school year, what else could I do but try to raise a smile.


Bye for now

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