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SMSC Newsletter - Focus on Music, Dance and Drama

Music, Dance and Drama


As it's our last Newsletter before the summer break I've chosen to focus on Performing Arts - some of my fondest memories of school are linked with these subjects.  SMSC and British Values are ever present.


I've added this month's contributions to our Newsletter Grid.  You can look at a breakdown of each section of the Grid by clicking on the Bar Chart Icon in the headings box - great for logging progress at the end of each term.  To take a look at a full report just click 'Save to PDF'.


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It's not Rubbish Anymore!

Music is everywhere and can be made from anything it seems.  This is a great page full of instructions for homemade musical instruments Using imagination and creativity in learning.


Music can touch the soul and there is so much more to it than the latest Number One in the charts .........


Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf


I don't know if this is used in schools anymore and although it has been re-recorded many times and narrated by several famous people, this is the version I remember.  Participating and responding to cultural activities and Understanding and appreciating personal influences.


Let's Rock

Being part of the choir when our school performed Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat by Andrew LLoyd Webber was a real highlight for me and he has now made a licence available for schools to perform School of Rock, an amazing stage adaptation of the film, Exploring understanding and respecting diversity, Developing personal qualities and using social skills.




Creative Dance

Here are ten pieces of classical music that each have a story woven into them - great for Using imagination and creativity in dance as well as Understanding and appreciating personal influences. 

'In the Hall of the Mountain King' from Grieg's 'Peer Gynt' stayed with me as we had great fun creating this part of the story in PE/Dance


If music touches the soul, dancing frees it and whether natural rhythm is buried deep inside or not there's nothing like a good boogie!


Dancing all over the World


There are so many different types of dance and this site seems to have them all. Participating and responding to cultural activities and Exploring understanding and respecting diversitythrough the joy of dance.  

Cha-Cha Slide

Dancing helps to Develop personal qualities and use social skills and this dance is so easy as the instructions are in the lyrics of the song (I have been know to attempt this on roller skates - not the hops though and please stop laughing, the newsletter isn't finished yet!)


Self-Evaluation Innovation


Take iAbacus on a 30 day free trial


SMSC is everywhere and forms a large part of self-evaluation and action planning in schools.  With a template that caters for the Self-evaluation of SMSC provision, iAbacus makes the whole process  simple and insightful.



I'm sure you all see some kind of drama on a day to day basis (oh, I was definately a teenage drama queen), Performing in a play is a great way to let the spirit fly free.


Acting Out


This site is full of free online plays and scripts for all ages covering more topics than anyone can imagine which means SMSC will be well covered too.


Shakespeare on Trial?


The BBC never let me down and this little gem has a fresh take on the works of Shakespeare and the phrases he created that we still use today.  Participating and responding to cultural activities - definitely! 


In the Spotlight


Using imagination and creativity in learning is essential when creating a performance - there are some great acting tips here ....


and finally .......

This is genius - Vintage dancers from the movies dancing to 'Uptown Funk' by Bruno Mars - that's got to be worth a watch! (full list of films featured in the comments)


Thank you for reading the Newsletter over the past school year, I hope you found something useful in its pages. I wish you all a peaceful and enjoyable summer break.  

Bye for now

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