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SMSC Newsletter - Focus on January & February 2019 Important Dates


Happy New Year! I’ve been consulting the calendar (as you do) and there are some important dates in January and early February which include SMSC so we’ll be taking a closer look at those in this newsletter.


I've added this months contributions to our Newsletter Grid - to take a look click 'Save to PDF' for a report.


When you read this, you’ll probably think that it’s just a huge plug for the SMSC Grid, however, as many of you ask for CPD on SMSC, don’t forget that Gridmaker has all the information you will ever need to identify SMSC across the curriculum and is therefore a brilliant teaching tool.

Adding an activity to GridMaker takes about one minute and the more activities you add over the school year, the more confident and knowledgeable you become about SMSC simply because all the criteria and explanations are there so no time is wasted wondering about the SMSC content of your activity.

Of course, it helps to have background information on what SMSC actually is and we’ve thought of that too.  Take a look at this training resource and then request a free trial of SMSC GridMaker.

I would be more than happy to demonstrate SMSC GridMaker over the phone - just give me a call on 0115 942 8912.


When and What?


As we’re looking at important days and weeks in the first two months of this year I thought I’d share this link with you again.  On most of the dates it has links to gather further information and of course, this is a great source of SMSC.


Big Garden Birdwatch  26th January 2019

This event takes place over three days and for 40 years, children and latterly adults have been identifying and counting birds in their gardensfor the RSPB.


Participating and responding to cultural activities, understanding the consequences of actions, understanding how communities and societies function, experiencing fascination, awe and wonder.


Holocaust Memorial Day, 27th January 2019


As disturbing as it is, Holocaust Memorial Day carries an important message.  We remember the horrors of genocide but also the persecution of a whole race of people which in some parts of the World is still happening.


Exploring, understanding and respecting diversity, investigating moral values and ethical issues, understanding how communities and societies function, understanding human feelings and emotions.


LGBT History Month February 2019


Since 2005 LGBT History Month has been raising awareness of LGBT issues such as discrimination and bullying suffered by the LGBT community as well as promoting equality and diversity.



Exploring understanding and respecting diversity, developing and expressing personal views and values, understanding how communities and societies function and of course, Understanding human feelings and emotions as well as Mutual respect and tolerance


Self-Evaluation Innovation


Take iAbacus on a 30 day free trial


SMSC is everywhere and forms a large part of self-evaluation and action planning in schools.  With a template that caters for the Self-evaluation of SMSC provision, iAbacus makes the whole process  simple and insightful.


4th February 2019  - Children’s Mental Health Week

As I write this, The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) have published the UK's first ever 'Screen Time Guidance'. This is the headline story on Sky News. Of course, mental health and well being has become a huge issue and cannot be associated with any one cause.


Preparing for life in modern Britain, understanding the consequences of actions, understanding how communities and societies function, developing personal values and beliefs.


4th February 2019 - Safer Internet Day


At the start of Children’s Mental Health Week comes Safer Internet Day, which in certain circumstances has a more than tenuous link. Search ‘bullying’ on the link below for some great teaching resources and take a look at this short video produced by Disney.


Understanding and appreciating personal influences, recognising right and wrong and applying it, understanding how communities and societies function, understanding human feelings and emotions.


Chinese New Year            5th February 2019

Like everything else, the Chinese New Year seems to come around so fast.  Full of legend, culture, science, mystery and the ultimate question - what animal are you? I was born under the sign of the Pig!


Participating and responding to cultural activities, understanding how communities and societies function, exploring the values and beliefs of others.


and finally .........


How could I end this newsletter with anything other than Squirrel Appreciation Day which falls on 21st January 2019 and even if they nick all the bird food from your garden you have to appreciate just how clever they really are.


Bye for now

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