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SMSC Newsletter - Focus on English


This month it's the turn of English Language and Literature which is at the heart of SMSC and yet communication skills can often be taken for granted.

What we read influences our everyday lives and as the way we communicate becomes easier with technology, our texts, tweets and posts show how wonderful or hurtful our own words can be.  


I’ve updated the Newsletter Grid with activities from this months newsletter and you can look at the report by choosing the Filter icon and then choosing English in the subject list, apply filter and then Save to PDF.


There is nothing quite like getting lost in a book. Being gripped by the first page and unable to put it down. Letting the imagination run wild, picturing events and sharing the feelings and emotions of the characters on the page.  Learning new words and their meanings and using an ever increasing vocabulary to write: diaries, poetry, reports, letters and even e-mails and texts. Being able to communicate with style and grace as well as correct spelling and punctuation.



Get Lost .... in a book!


This beautifully descriptive piece highlights the myriad of feelings and emotions experienced by reading.



The Joy of Writing

This recent article in the Huffington Post describes one woman’s love of the written word.




The saying “Words can never hurt me” is definitely not true! Using words to convey feelings and emotions and being able to do so without anger. Developing views and values through reading and reflecting on situations that arise on every page of a book and the right and wrong of dealing with them on a personal level. Not giving in to the temptation of online bullying.


Doing the right thing.

Ever wondered how an author creates those ‘what would I do’ moments in the books we read? Here are five suggested moral dilemmas to create a better story.


Harsh Words can Last a Lifetime


I'm sure you all heard worse insults than ‘you throw like a girl’.  This commercial shows how this particular insult has affected adults and how attitudes have changed in a younger generation.


Creating a Culture of Evaluation and Improvement Planning


Written communication has evolved.  From the quill to the Biro, from the typewriter to the computer. We still tend to stick to what we know but evaluation and improvement planning has evolved from a form to written documentation …… to iAbacus: a simple, intuitive and visual way of creating evaluation and improvement planning for all areas.  Whole school, subject and teacher growth plans can be created with ease.  Take a look at our website and then ask for a FREE 30 day trial.




Reading a good book prompts discussion and differing opinions. Reading books, magazines and online news can lead to an understanding of different communities and societies.


Book or Film?

Obviously the wizarding community isn’t the best option, however, this link highlights a debate that could be had about many books that have ended up on the silver screen.


Word Power


Although this poem was written in 2015 for the ‘Forever Manchester’ Charity, Tony Walsh stood in Albert Square and delivered the poem to a community already bonded by the terrible events at Manchester Arena in May.


Famous authors, speech writers and even politicians and sports personalities writing for daily newspapers have added to our culture, showing a written reflection of the time and provide us with information that helps us to understand the way our society and the society of others around the World deal with diversity, terrorism, economy, government, poverty and success.



"I Have a Dream"


Arguably the most famous speech given: Martin Luther King Jr fought with his words to end racism and violence.


The Bard

No-one can deny that William Shakespeare is part of our culture as a playwright, but his influence on today’s culture is profound as he is responsible for some of our words and phrases we still use.

iAbacus for SMSC

Of all the Books I've Read .....

This is my favourite.  I've read it many times and revel each time in the intriguing storyline, the historical references that are so accurately described. The misunderstandings and choices made by the characters and the wonderful conclusion.  Jeffrey, stick to writing.


Dates for your Diary


20th November 2017  Universal Children's Day


and finally ..................

Russell Brand is part of our culture as a comedian, an actor and has sometimes been in the news for the wrong reasons, however, he has an extremely articulate and intelligent way of putting his opinions across. He is a perfect example of how the written word can convey spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of everyday life.


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