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SMSC Newsletter - Focus on England Summer Events


July already and I bet you’ll all be sad to see the school year draw to a close (cough).

This is the last in the series of calendar events and jolly old England is playing host to more events than usual this year, sporting and otherwise, so I’ve been digging into the history and some go back a long way making them part of our culture.


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London Pride

Saturday 6th July sees the culmination of Pride month with the annual 'Pride in London' parade. The date is significant this year as it's 50 years since the Stonewall riots in New York.



Oscar Wilde the playwright and author was arrested and jailed for being homosexual.

Alan Turing, famous for the code breaking Enigma machine during WWII suffered chemical castration after his arrest and trial.


Exploring, understanding and respecting diversity, investigating moral views and ethical issues,understanding how communities and societies function, understanding human feelings and emotions




The most prestigious tennis tournament is held at Wimbledon every year and has been since 1877.

Unlike other sports, women were invited to play in the competition in 1884.


This year Court One will be all tennis despite the weather as the new roof is now complete.  A feat of engineering as this video shows.

Love him or hate him, in the last year Andy Murray has shown strength of character and determination.  So much so that despite undergoing hip replacement surgery in January, he'll be back at Wimbledon playing in the doubles tournament.


Exploring, understanding and respecting diversity, participating and responding to cultural activities, experiencing fascination awe and wonder, understanding human feelings and emotions.


British Grand Prix

The Grand Prix has got be the most glamorous and dangerous of sports.

Since 1948, Silverstone race track has hosted the majority of British Grand Prix's - sadly this year could be the last time due to financial constraints.


Formula One racing has produced some very successful British drivers over the years. Things have sped up a little though since 1948 with cars now reaching 225 miles per hour on the straight

Silverstone 1987.  Nigel Mansell beat Nelson Piquet after falling behind by 28 seconds due to a pit stop.  This is one of those rare occasions when I can say "I was there, it was amazing".


Understanding and appreciating personal influences, understanding human feelings and emotions, experiencing fascination awe and wonder


World Netball


The Netball World Cup, another World Class event, maybe not on the same scale as the others but it's being held in a former City of Culture, Liverpool.


Netball is derived from Basketball which was invented in 1891 by Dr James Naismith, a Canadian immigrant.  Another instance of where ladies didn't have to wait to be included, they struck out on their own.

I remember playing Netball at school.  I always found the standing still with the ball bit really difficult though.  The tournament is being televised on BBC and Sky - not bad ladies, not bad.


Exploring, understanding and respecting diversity, participating and responding to cultural activities, understanding how communities and societies function.


Self-Evaluation Innovation

iAbacus has been updated to accommodate the new Ofsted Framework 2019.

Complete with the new Personal Development heading, iAbacus can help to streamline whole school, departmental or personal performance evaluations. Click here for a Free trial.


Cricket World Cup


The Cricket World Cup has been playing out since 30th May - in England, arguably the home of cricket.

The final will be played on Sunday 14th July - what a month for sport!


The Ashes


One of sports biggest rivalry's, The Ashes dates back to 1877 when England lost to Australia and an obituary to English cricket was published in a newspaper. 

It's our turn to host The Ashes this year - our poor cricketers will be worn out!


Exploring, understanding and respecting diversity, participating and responding to cultural activities, participating, cooperating and resolving conflict.


Buckingham Palace


Since 1993, Buckingham Palace has been open to the public to view the State rooms.  The Queen is never in during this time, however, what an amazing opportunity to view part of our culture, history and heritage first hand.


Participating and responding to cultural activities, understanding how communities and societies function, experiencing fascination awe and wonder.


In all the time I've been compiling this newsletter, I've never come across such a comprehensive list of free and paid for activities for the school holidays - pass it on!


and finally .......


Only in England would you find the World Snail Racing Championships - not as exciting as motor racing and not as thrilling as Wimbledon - if the rain keeps up, I might have a tournament in my garden, renamed Snail City!


Thank you for reading the Newsletter over this school year and I wish you all a restful and enjoyable summer.


Bye for now

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