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SMSC Newsletter - Focus on Christmas Advertising


At this time of year one of the things a parent must dread is television adverts for toys, games and gadgets their children want.  

Of course, they are all still designed to make us buy something, however, some of the best adverts this year have clear messages of love, kindness and respect that make them more powerful than normal.


Christmas Advertising 


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The spirit of Christmas; I’ve said it before Christmas is not just about exchanging gifts or going to Church.  If only those wonderful feelings of love, kindness and respect for each other spread to the other eleven months of the year.


Very Good


The idea of giving a gift that inspires someone to live their dreams is a gift in itself.  We all know it’s not the cost involved but the thought that counts so much more.



Not just for Christmas

This advertisement is entitled A Little Kindness - a lovely interpretation of a caring soul and his journey to a career with the RSPCA.


Inspiring or underlining personal values, and understanding human feelings and emotions




Of course all advertising on television is scrutinised for morals and ethics, however, the whole question of playing on the consumers heartstrings to make a sale has moral connotations, The images of Christmas through advertising are very persuasive and could lead to overspending. 


Over the Top


I know there are supermarkets to suit every budget, however, the advertisements they produce at this time of year invite over-indulgence and over-spending.


Right message, wrong time?

This advertisement has been banned for being too political however, with all the publicity surrounding the ban, Iceland have still managed to get their message across.


At this time of year the ability to understand the consequences of actions and to recognise right from wrong may be difficult to remember with all the festivities


Self-Evaluation Innovation


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Christmas isn't a happy time for everyone.  The homeless, elderly, bereaved and those struggling with mental illness have a hard time creating festive cheer.


Good Deeds


Although there are many other charities who help the needy, the elderly and the homeless, The Salvation Army is famous for its deeds of kindness, especially at Christmas.  In the UK alone, the Salvation Army has 50 centres which help people without homes and provide over 3,000 beds. They are full almost every night.


On the money with this one

Lloyds Bank have been running a metal health awareness campaign throughout the year to emphasis the need to talk about mental illness.


Christmas is a great time of year to develop those personal qualities by helping others in our society that are less fortunate




There are so many images around Christmas time that are embedded in our culture so it's not surprising that they also appear in the Christmas ad campaigns. 


Dangling a carrot


Leaving a carrot for the Reindeer on Christmas Eve? I wonder how many bags of carrots they’ll sell because of this?


Holidays are Coming


The famous Coca Cola Truck advert is usually the signal that the rest of the Christmas adverts are on their way, however, Coca Cola are actually responsible for the image of the Santa Claus we know and love.


Who isn't going to be responding and participating to cultural activities at this time of year, whatever culture we come from, we all have our own.


and finally .......

May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year


Bye for now

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