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SMSC Newsletter - Focus on Christmas


I make no apologies for the choice of topic - it’s the month of December and the build up to Christmas is everywhere.


Of course there’s SMSC in the tradition and the reason, however, as individuals we decide how we celebrate, if at all and as it’s the season of goodwill, mutual respect and tolerance should be at the top of the agenda.

I’ve updated the Newsletter Grid with activities from this months newsletter and you can look at the report by choosing Save to PDF.


Most of the elements of spirituality come into play at this time of year. Developing personal values and beliefs and understanding that Christmas doesn’t just mean presents under the tree or going to church - it signals the end of another year, a chance to be with family and friends. The fascination, awe and wonder that comes with sparkly lights and snow and a hope that whilst each person celebrates (or not) in their own way, they take an interest and respect the values and beliefs of others.



Diwali and Christmas


Do Muslims Celebrate Christmas?

A wonderfully written piece describing why Muslims don't celebrate Christmas.


Visit our Website ........




Moral values and ethical issues: all around us at this time of year. Overspending, overindulging, the temptation of asking for expensive presents. There is never a better time to recognise right and wrong  and understand the consequences of actions.


Bah Humbug!

Several different views of the meaning and morals of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


No Christmas!

Here's a list of Countries that have actually banned Christmas, past and present.


Are you really getting two weeks off in December?


Whether we celebrate Christmas or not, most of us get some time off work to spend with family and friends.  No doubt, there will be nagging thoughts about what needs to be done in the New Year, however, if you are worried about self evaluation and improvement planning, fear not!  iAbacus is pre-loaded with everything you need to prepare both and as it has collaboration features, you can share it with senior leaders to get their ideas too!  Take a look at our website and then ask for a FREE 30 day trial.


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Not everyone gets the chance to celebrate the season with family and friends. For some people, Christmas is a time of hardship or sadness and it’s very easy to turn a blind eye to those people in our society that are ill, alone, bereaved, missing or homeless.  Taking a step towards developing personal qualities and using social skills by volunteering, visiting or raising money adds to an understanding of how communities and societies function.


Missing at Christmas

Christmas must be the hardest time of the year if a member of the family has gone missing.  This charity does it's best to find the missing.


Somewhere to Go.

Homelessness is becoming more prevalent - This Charity is looking at ways to end homelessness.



It goes without saying that at this time of year we participate and respond to cultural activities as most of the traditions we hold dear are not connected to the religious aspects of the season. In our Country we now have excellent opportunities to explore, understand and most importantly respect the diversity of our modern culture.


Global Christmas


A wonderful link showing how Christmas is celebrated around the World.


Why do we do what we do at Christmas.

This article explains where some of our Christmas traditions came from.


and finally ............


I have to admit (with no shame) I am a huge Star Wars fan.  I’ve been hooked since that first incredible scene in ‘A New Hope’ and as I eagerly anticipate the latest Star Wars offering this month, I started to think about how it has become part of our culture and how much SMSC is like the Force. (Oh how the mind wanders).

It surrounds us, penetrates us and binds us together!  It’s everywhere, especially in schools.

From the minute the bell goes in a morning, SMSC floats in the ethos of a school.  A simple ‘Good Morning Miss’ shows a child is developing personal qualities and using social skills, a rehearsal for a school production of ‘Hairspray’ means that the performers are investigating moral values and ethical issues, developing personal values and beliefs and learning right and wrong and hopefully applying it in their everyday lives.

Every single aspect of school life has some form of SMSC attached to it which makes it difficult to capture and make sense of.

Of course, you know where I could go with this, it’s well documented that Gridmaker will capture all aspects of SMSC and British Values and I know that SMSC won’t make the classroom quiet or allow you to make a cup of tea with your mind. However, in the make believe world I immerse myself in, the Jedi use the Force to live by a code of spirituality and morality.  They are aware of all the communities and societies they protect, are proud of their culture and respect the diversity of other cultures. Everything that SMSC and British Values stand for in the real world.

So as you prepare for end of term festivities and a New Hope for the New Year, may I wish all of you, Jedi Masters, a very Merry Christmas.


Bye for now

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