SMSC Evaluation & Action Plan

Everything in a 5 minute video...

  • smsc coordinatorSelf-evaluate your school's SMSC provision (ethos, vision, environment, curriculum, leadership etc).
  • Analyse factors that help or hinder each aspect of SMSC provision.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to create reports and plans for improvement.
  • Monitor the impact of actions and track improvements over time.

Touch, slide, drag and drop!
The iAbacus is a visual tool with an interactive approach to self-evaluation and improvement planning. It guides you step-by-step through the entire process.

Share important information.
The iAbacus helps you create important reports on whole-school SMSC provision which include detailed plans to share with others (SLT, governors and Ofsted)

Joined-up thinking. 
The iAbacus provides a framework for collaboration, enabling shared evaluations by senior leaders, heads of departments and/or individual teachers.

40 years of research. 
The iAbacus is based on the research of John Pearce. It uses proven techniques developed during 40 years of working with teachers and senior leaders.

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