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Ordering SMSC GridMaker

To order GridMaker call 0115 929 3419, email sales@opeus.org - or complete this form.

How much does the SMSC Grid cost?
    • Primary School Site Licence £295 +VAT 
    • Secondary School Site Licence £495 +VAT
    • Single User Licence* £250 +VAT
The price is for 12 months use of GridMaker.

What's included?

Absolutely everything is included - there are no hidden extras.
    • We setup your Grid so it can be accessed at a unique web address 
    • We customise your Grid with your school's header, logo, areas of learning, subjects and year groups
    • We tailor the SMSC criteria in your Grid to suit your school's requirements (or SMSC policy) 
    • We provide over-the-phone, web-based training to any member of staff using the Grid
    • We send you a selection of 'how-to" training materials to print and distribute to staff
    • We provide 'user-friendly' help and support by telephone and email to every member of staff
    • We can also integrate your Grid into your school Website/VLE/Intranet or Learning Platform for you
    • We include unlimited storage for files attached to evidence
    • We include unlimited archives for evidence from previous years

FREE extras included:

An audit of existing SMSC provision using GridMaker is just one step on your school's journey to outstanding SMSC.

We want to support you every step of the way, so - we provide you with access to the following NO EXTRA COST:

*A Single User Licence is suitable for an SMSC Co-ordinator (or individual) who takes full responsibility for adding all activities to the Grid and creating printable reports to share with others. It does not provide access to other members of staff in order for them to add their own activities, view information or produce reports.

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