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Prepare for Ofsted using the SMSC Grid

If you have found this website in Google (searching on SMSC) - please read my letter to you:

Dear Teacher or Senior Leader, 

My name is Dan O'Brien and I work with a team of educationalists who have spent the last ten years helping schools capture evidence of all the great work they do (including SMSC). This might seem a little presumptuous - but as you've clicked through from Google - I'd like to assume these three statement are true.... 

Firstly, you've been reading about SMSC (or been to a recent training or briefing session) and you've seen that SMSC is highlighted a number of times in the 2012 Ofsted Framework for Inspection. 

Secondly, you've got a 'feeling' that Ofsted will be paying your school a visit in the near future - and you know they'll be looking closely at the way your school promotes SMSC development. 

Thirdly, (and most importantly) - you know that your school already promotes SMSC development in a range of activities and lessons across the curriculum. You're not looking for a way to radically change this approach - instead you are looking for a quick and effective way to capture this evidence, identify any areas that need improvement - and provide this evidence and self-evaluation to Ofsted. 

When I designed the 'Grid' about four years ago - it was for this exact purpose.
Basically, it's an on-line tool which enables teachers to quickly record SMSC activities in a visual and interactive 'Grid'. This simple process of recording and mapping activities against SMSC criteria creates a powerful 'Grid' which can be used for many purposes

Obviously you can browse this site to find out more about SMSC - and the 'Grid' that we've created, however - the best way to experience the simplicity and effectiveness of the 'Grid is to try it for yourself.

If you need any help auditing your school's SMSC provision, or establishing a method of tracking it on a continuous basis - please feel free to call me on 0115 9428914 or email

All the best,

Dan O'Brien
Director of Education - OPEUS

Direct Line: 0115 9428914