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How we work with you

If you sign up for a free trial of the SMSC Grid - this is how we prefer to work with you...


We normally have a conversation over the phone to discuss your requirements, such as:
  • Why do you want to record evidence?  Oftsed? As a basis for the SEF/SIP? To help staff CPD? 
  • Who will be responsible for recording evidence? Teachers? Subject Leaders? Admin staff? Everyone?
  • How and when will they record evidence? During planning? Lesson plenary? Following an activity? 
  • What type of activities do you want to record? Lessons? Projects? Extra-curricular? Enrichment? All?
  • Which sets of criteria or frameworks do you want to map evidence against? SMSC? SEAL? PHSE?

2. CREATE YOUR SMSC GRID (Free service)

Based on your requirements we will create a bespoke ‘Grid’ for your school. We’ll pre-load it with the types of activities you want to record and the criteria you want to map against. 


Once we’ve built your ‘Grid’, we’ll arrange a time for a short online ‘webinar’ where we can demonstrate how it works over-the-phone and answer any of your questions along the way. By the end of the session you’ll have a good feel for the ‘Grid’ and be in a position to evaluate it further in your own time and show any other members of staff.

4. TRIAL THE SMSC GRID (Free Service)

During your free trial - you may want other members of staff to login and try the ‘Grid’ for themselves. To make this process easier we provide a simple A4 leaflet: “How to add evidence to the Grid”.  You can simply give this to other members of staff and await their positive feedback!

6. REGISTER YOUR LICENCE (Licence Required)

If you decide that your school would like to continue using the ‘Grid’ - then we will raise an invoice for the licence fee. This covers the secure hosting of the ‘Grid’ on our ultra-fast webservers plus unlimited telephone and email support for anyone using your ‘Grid’.