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Dan O’Brien established OPEUS (www.opeus.com) in 1999 to provide web-based software to enhance teaching, learning and leadership. He works closely with educators at all levels, listening carefully to their needs and understanding their context. This care allows Dan and the team at OPEUS to design distinctive solutions that blend simplicity and ease-of-use with power and functionality.

Dan is described by those who work with him as a down-to-earth realist, with a true passion for new technology and its effective use in education. An education expert recently said, "Dan, really understands schools, students and learning - he is no geek but, my goodness, he knows how to make technology work for us".


As the creator of one of the first electronic portfolio systems in 1999 Dan is regarded as a pioneer in the pedagogical use of internet technology - a trend which has continued over the years as he created virtual learning environments, curriculum mapping tools, class-blogging systems, online resource directories and web 2.0 teaching tools. All of these have been rolled out in hundreds of schools, colleges and universities across the world.

Current work:

As a "hands-on" Director at OPEUS - Dan leads a team of education technologists in the start-to-finish process of product design, development and delivery. He collaborates closely with a number of key educational professionals who contribute to the “outer team” involved with OPEUS.

Dan is also the co-creator of the iAbacus, which he sees as a perfect example of his passion for using technology to facilitate the educational process. He says, "John and I combined our energies and passion to seek a simple technical solution to the complex educational issues within self-evaluation and improvement planning in schools". See www.iabacus.co.uk

Diane and Tricia are key members of our highly motivated team of educationalists who love using technology to improve teaching and learning. Diane and Tricia are available if you need any assistance with your Grid - just drop them an email, call 0115 929 3419 or use the online chat in the Grid itself.

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